One of the primary reasons website owners avoid SEO is the cost. A quick search on the internet reveals hundreds of SEO companies all charging $1,000 or more per month with 6 and 12 month contracts! Not so with Minnesota SEO Company we understand that although every website owner would like higher rankings and increased sales most simply cannot afford that kind of commitment. This is why we have designed all our SEO services with the average webmaster in mind and will only present you with the services your site needs all with no long term contracts.

Minnesota SEO Company – Affordable SEO

While the cost of search engine optimization may seem high one should remember that our quotes and prices for SEO are one time costs and not a monthly reocurring fee as with most SEO companies. While they may offer you a price which is lower per month don’t forget that 6 or 12 months down the road when your contract is finally done with you most likely will have paid almost 2 or 3 times what you would have with our one time fee.

For example say one company offers its SEO services for $400 per month as long as you sign a 6 month contract, then Minnesota SEO Company gives you a quote of $1600 without any contract. You choose to go with company xyz and sign their contract now after the 6 months you have spent $400 x 6 = $2400 compared to the one time cost of $1600 if you would have went with Minnesota SEO Company!

Ok so one might claim that it would be easier for some website owners to pay the monthly fee as opposed to the larger one time SEO cost. This may be true with most SEO companies but we believe in our SEO services and that all website owners should have access to quality search engine optimization. Its because of this reason our company allows clients who may not be able to pay the total cost up front the option of dividing the cost into 3 monthly payments. So if you are interested in what our affordable SEO company has to offer Contact Us to find out how affordable it really can be to achieve a higher search engine ranking with the right company.

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