What is Organic SEO? Quite simply organic SEO is manual search engine optimization where as non organic SEO is done mainly with automated submissions and software. Search engine optimization techniques of the past used to be mainly a numbers game that is the more pages your site had and the more incoming links your site had the higher it would rank regardless of content or link quality. While all of these things are still important in ranking well today search engines have also started taking into account the quality of a websites content and incoming links.

Here Comes the Automated SEO Software

It was not long before webmasters and SEO experts both began to figure out that the more pages they could add to a site and the more links they could get the higher there site would rank. This in turn led people to start creating automated software programs which could generate hundreds of incoming links and spit out thousands of webpages in only a few short hours saving the SEO professional countless hours of creating and gathering them by had. This of course led to thousands of sites obtaining top search engine rankings with sites containing thousands of automatically generated pages which where nothing more than duplicated content from other sites. Search engines soon caught onto this and implemented countermeasures such as duplicate content filters and penalties to combat this new found spam tactic.

Organic SEO is Reborn

Once search engine optimization experts realized their mass content generating software was no longer getting them the results they needed another method of obtaining a top ten ranking was needed. Low and behold Organic SEO is reborn as SEO professionals soon realized that the search engines have wised up and only listing sites with original, quality content which its visitors would find useful. Soon SEO consultants began advising their clients against putting up duplicate content on their sites and began using SEO copywriters to produce website content which was not only search engine friendly and would result in higher rankings but was useful to a website’s visitors as well.

Minnesota SEO Company is and always has been one of the leading organic SEO companies on the internet. Our team of skilled SEO copywriters are capable of producing original content for any subject which the search engines will love. On rare occasion, we may make use of free use content from related article sites but only within the guidelines of organic SEO, always giving due credit, and never with the aid of automated software or scripts.

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