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Minnesota SEO Company offers a unique approach to its SEO services, as stated on our home page we do not offer a one size fits all search engine optimization package but instead individually taylor our SEO services to each clients website. Below you can see the different types of services we can offer and depending on your particular website you may only need one or you may need several of them. This will be determined at the time of your website’s evaluation.

Minnesota SEO Company – SEO Services – Keyword Analysis

The first thing that needs to be done when doing search engine optimization is to determine what keywords and keyword phrases will work the best for your site. Not only must the selected keywords match the pages they are for but through careful research one can find combinations of keywords which have less competition but will still bring in a steady stream of website visitors.

Minnesota SEO company will work to find the best possible combination of keywords for every webpage’s topic. While several pages may share some common keywords such as the sites main target keyword most webpages will have several other keywords which directly relate to that specific page only.

Minnesota SEO Company – SEO Services – Page Copy Optimization

One of the most important areas of SEO for any website is page copy optimization. Whether you run an e-commerce site will alot of images or if your site is an information website proper text copy is essential especially for the home page. Not only must it present the right message to its visitors but it must be search engine friendly and designed to rank well for the page’s intended keywords.

Minnesota SEO Company will look at your current website’s page copy, evaluate the use of text, keyword density, and keyword placement then make a list of suggestions which we will send to you for review. Upon accepting our suggestions Minnesota SEO Company will put its team of highly skilled SEO copywriters to work creating a webpage copy which will attract both visitors and search engines. Our copywriters create only original page copy which will be viewed as useful and unique by search engines and more importantly result in higher rankings.

Minnesota SEO Company – SEO Services – Search Engine Submission

So you have a great site, in demand product, and killer SEO but wait no visitors and even worse no sales! No matter how good your site may be its nothing if no one can find it. Our SEO company can solve this problem with our first rate search engine submission service, unlike alot of website submission companies out there we do not use automated submission software or scripts. All of our submissions (140 search engines total) are done by hand “manually” since all of the major search engine like Google, Yahoo, and MSN do not accept automated submissions as this puts excess strain on their servers.

By using our manual search engine submission service you can be certian that your websites submission to each seach engine will be accepted. Sure those automated submission services may take less time but look at the list they submit to and you will see none of them list Google, Yahoo, or MSN look closer at the list and you will see most of the search engines listed neither you nor most searchers have ever hear of. This is why manual submission is the only way to submit your site to any well known major search engine.

Minnesota SEO Company – SEO Services – Other Services

Along with the SEO services listed above Minnesota SEO Company offers link building, PPC management, code validation, and directory submission. All of these services play key roles in the successful ranking of any website. Along with our search engine submission service both link building and directory submission will aid in bringing more traffic to your site and result in faster more frequent indexing by search engine spiders.

Both our link building and directory submission service are second to none, we will find high ranking, high traffic websites relevent to you own and manually submit requests for either a one way link or a link exchange depending on the site. All anchor text is carefully selected, will include your sites keywords, and will be randomized which will make your links appear more natural to search engines and increase your sites importance and rank. When performing directory submissions for one way links (we do not exchange links with directories) we will take the same care in submitting your links as with our link building service.

Poorly formed website code is one of the greatest factors affecting most sites, open tags, missing tags, and broken links all contribute to a lower ranking. Search engines not only look at the content of each page but how well the page is constructed. Every broken link comes with a penalty after all it does not matter how useful a webpage might be it becomes almost useless if its visitors cannot find what they need because of a broken link.

Minnesota SEO Company – SEO Services – Order

So hopefully by now you can begin to see just how important proper SEO is to your websites ranking success and just how our SEO services can help your site rank higher and increase both visitors and sales. If you are ready to see what our company can do for you or have any questions regarding any of our services head over to our Contact Page to find out how to get started or get answers to any questions you may have.

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